Our favourite day of the year!!

Now these are the kind of “days” we like!! In our highly consumerist world which seems to positively abound in this “day” and that “day”, we’ve got to admit this is one of our favourite “days”!

(For me, closely followed on the heels of Earth Day! I have to admit I think the Earth and books are two things really worth celebrating!!)

Yep, its World Books’ Day!! And we just had to celebrate! I’ve got to confess we came up with some pretty radical ideas (none of which we’re going to reveal to you, no). Most of which, unfortunately, didn’t work out quite how we would have liked them to and hence, had to be shelved. But we’re really really happy that some of those plans turned out exactly the way we would have liked them to and for that we have some very special people to thank! And we’ll be getting to that shortly …

For now, we’d like you to think back to some of the books you’ve read; the ones that cling on in your memory for better or worse. What do you remember the most about them? The story? The images it painted? The characters? The way the book made you feel; the way you connected to it? But what very few of us would think of is the person who created all of that; the person who’s put bits of himself or herself throughout your favourite (and not-so-favourite) books. The person behind that story you loved so much.

Yes, the author.

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It’s said Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of the legendary Sherlock Holmes got so tired of his character’s popularity (as opposed to his own) that he decided to kill off Holmes. Well, we all know how that went down (for the uninitiated, Doyle was forced to resurrect Holmes in the Adventure of the Empty House due to the public ire that descended on him) but Doyle certainly got his 15 secs of …umm… fame, ahem. Even if that probably wasn’t quite what he had in mind.

So, this World Books’ Day we decided to celebrate the storyteller, the unsung hero; to give us, the readers, a little peek into the mind of the author. What goes on in their heads and what …well, doesn’t. For this we’d like to thank our esteemed guests for the day – M.S. Fowle and Emily Guido; both new authors with recently published books. We wish them very long and imaginative careers and hope they’re the force behind plenty more books that people love! Thank you, so much, Ladies!

As for you guys, watch this space for more! And we couldn’t mean it more today – Happy, Happy Reading! We wish your lives are filled with many, many memorable stories!

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