House of Night book 3: Chosen

The death toll at the Tulsa House of Night is mounting. The book opens with the death of a teacher and it looks like the humans might be responsible. But are they really? And from there the plot deepens.

Aphrodite helps Zoe shelter Stevie Rae who’s now become one of the undead. That and several other circumstances bring the two of them closer to each other while Zoe stands in more and more danger of losing her friends.

The story gets considerably darker in this one but you do see it move ahead substantially? However, will all the lies she’s been telling finally make Zoe lose her friends? And what lies becomes of Stevie
Rae? Does Zoe succeed in humanising her or is she lost to darkness forever?

You’re going to have to dive in to find out. I’d give the book a 3.5/5.

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