(Shuffles sheepishly onto the scene while staying as close to the wings as possible, for safety…) Er..ahem…s0… well, yes, we are indeed still alive  (she addresses her feet) even though we’ve been missing in action for a very very very very very very … ahem … well, you get the point. Well, no excuses, no […]

Love, Life and a Polar Bear tattoo

A once blissful marriage that’s sputtering and dying and an iffy result on your pap smear when you’re all alone. How much more heartbreaking could life get? And that’s when your first love enters the scene. The one who broke your heart and walked away; the one who’s still (or more so what with the […]

Our favourite day of the year!!

Now these are the kind of “days” we like!! In our highly consumerist world which seems to positively abound in this “day” and that “day”, we’ve got to admit this is one of our favourite “days”! (For me, closely followed on the heels of Earth Day! I have to admit I think the Earth and […]