Oh, Scarlett, Scarlett, what have you become! This is the one, ladies and gentlemen. The one all of us ‘Gone With the Wind’ fans had been waiting for. The sequel to that great American novel; the one that would finally do what Gone With the Wind didn’t. And yet, the first time I read this […]


Our favourite day of the year!!

Now these are the kind of “days” we like!! In our highly consumerist world which seems to positively abound in this “day” and that “day”, we’ve got to admit this is one of our favourite “days”! (For me, closely followed on the heels of Earth Day! I have to admit I think the Earth and […]

Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn is what it took for Bella to finally¬†choose Edward over Jacob! * Clap, Clap everybody*…. If only, somebody would tell him that he should just find someone else! Stephenie Meyer divides Breaking Dawn into three portions – the first talks about their wedding and honeymoon, the second about how Jacob is dealing with […]