There are some books which if you review you might end up letting out the surprises. This is one of them. Pure is the second book in the Covenant series by Jennifer L. Armentrout.

The end of Half Blood sees Alex in trouble with the daimons, again. Yes, the one not to think too much walks into the trap knowing the consequences, but she knew she had to do it.

She was in their custody, long enough to know what their plans were. Well, not that long but the daimons were stupid to be discussing it. The plan was to infiltrate the Covenant security. And take over the Council.
In Half Blood, Seth discovers the need for him to be around Alex, much to her annoyance. He’s everywhere she goes. Alex is improving in her training – supervised by Aiden and Seth. Alex is warned by Seth to stay away from Aiden, and even before she can protest, Aiden tells her – he only cares for her and doesn’t love her. Alex makes the most obvious choice – Seth. (No no, not the Bella kinds.. She does not have an option. Read the book to know why)

Alex is summoned by the Council to know the daimon’s plan. Her father, uncle, Aiden and Seth, go with her to make sure it all goes well. She tells them but they laugh it out thinking its impossible. The Council Ministers want her to go into servitude to avoid a possible threat in the future. While the votes are in her favour to continue training to be a Sentinel, someone out there is doing all they can to make sure she doesn’t. Everything will change when she turns eighteen, which is seven months away.

A well paced book, which will not let you keep it down, till its over. A must read! A 5/5 for amazing imagination.

Sigh, if only they would publish them all together. I hate the wait. The third one – Deity, comes by the end of this year and the last, Apollyon, next year. Can’t wait!

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