Half Blood

From the time I read Daimon, I couldn’t wait to lay my hands on Half Blood. Well, I did manage to do so but I wanted to read it at leisure and enjoy every bit of it.

The book begins from where Daimon ended. Alex was saved by Aiden a Sentinel- a daimon hunter while the daimons were at her. She had seen him during her training days and had the biggest crush on him. But now,she was angry they dint save her mother.

Her dream was to become a Sentinel, and hunt all the daimons down. Back at the Covenant, she meets her friends and is updated about what she missed. Her uncle is the Dean and her stepfather the Minister. While the former agrees to give her a chance to train and cover up on what she missed, the latter wants her to go into servitude. With a little support from Aiden, she manages to get that chance. Aiden’s her trainer.

She knows he’s a pure blood but that doesn’t stop her crush from growing nor does it stop her from staring at him. Of course, Alex isn’t the quiet, shy types. She invites trouble all the time. Not like she enjoys it, but she’s rash and has no control over her temper. You will love her sarcasm. You will love her for not caring if its her uncle or father in her line of words. You will love Alex.

Just when you think you know where the story is headed, a surprise is thrown at you. And no it doesn’t stop at one. You will be introduced to Seth, the Apollyon. He’s the most powerful but he doesn’t like it when he’s guarding Alex, a little brat instead of hunting. The daimons keep coming back and risk coming very close to the Covenant, which raises a lot of questions. We also come across Grandma Piperi who knows what the Gods have decided.

Read the book to know it all, it won’t disappoint, especially if you’re a fan of the immortal world. Jennifer L. Armentrout gets a 5/5 for this unputdownable.

One thought on “Half Blood

  1. OoOoooo I loooove Jennifer – she’s amnizag and managed to get into my favorite author lists so fast. Her writing is brilliant, her characters beyond amnizag! Can’t wait to for the next books to come out! Oh and thanks for telling about the new covers, I didn’t know they did change them. Well, I do like them both! Thanks for this interview, I would also go fan girl over this:)


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