If It’s Not Forever… it’s not love

While watching a news piece on a bomb blast or terrorist attack, our heart goes out to the people who are affected. We feel for them, cry with them for their loss… and then it’s forgotten (unless there is a personal loss involved). Everybody talks about the city jumping back to life, but it’s far from reality as many of them are emotionally scarred and take a long time to heal.

Durjoy Datta (Deb) had escaped unhurt when powerful blasts ripped across Chandni Chowk, Delhi. But he was emotionally scarred. He remained confined to his home for a few weeks before he could start work again. Travelling by rick to work also haunted him, as he suspected a bomb in it.

During his visit to the blast site, he stumbled upon a diary. Deb thought it belonged to someone who lost his life on that fateful day. As he went through the diary, he felt it was important to handover it to the woman who was talked about in those pages. Deb felt he was entrusted with a strange responsibility – the last words of a dead man!

He sets out on a road trip with his friend Shrey, and later accompanied with their respective girlfriends, to put together pieces of the dead man’s life. Do they succeed in their mission?

It was difficult to put the book down without reading it all at one stretch.  The turn of events surprised me right till the end. It also brought tears to the eyes as I put the book down and couldn’t help myself from imagining, what if I died tomorrow… what would my last words be? A die hard romantic that I am, will rate the book a 3/5.

The book definitely shows us how it’s not love… If It’s Not Forever!

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