Inheritance series – Eldest

And the plot thickens! Book 2 of the Inheritance series, Eldest, takes us further with Eragon and his dragon Saphira’s journey. One of the first things that caught my attention about Eldest was that the story begins exactly where Eragon ended almost as though Paolini had finished one book and said, “Alright, on to the next!”

Continuing in the tradition of Eragon a whole lot of things seem to happen in Eldest. Except this one seems a whole lot more layered due to the introduction of a host of other characters in it. Jumping to and fro between stories does get a tad bit exhausting with a million things happening in both and sometimes I wished Paolini would stop burdening me with so much information! What with having to retravel the landscape from a different point of view and a pile of new places and things and people, not to mention language, being introduced, just reading the book gets a tad bit exhausting.

But the occasional surprises do keep the story jumping, helped along my Eragon’s slightly teeny and iffy love affair. However, some things about the story are also a little bit predictable and make you go “obviously, as though Paolini couldn’t help but give in to the temptation. And somehow I have to say that in spite of the growth of Eragon’s character I still fail to see what makes him special; a point which I think another similar series would have arrived at by now. But as of now Eragon’s just the good guy who found a dragon egg and then learnt a whole bunch of things!

In case you’re wondering about the title of the book don’t worry it’s in there and is also the climax of the story. Though the end of Eldest isn’t such a cliffhanger it does open up all kinds of interesting possibilities for the remaining 2 books of the series and I can’t wait to get started … Lucky for me I don’t have to wait a few years to read all of it! See you at the end of Brisingr…!

8 thoughts on “Inheritance series – Eldest

  1. paolini is an amazing writer. i have myself read the inheritence series and am totally in love with it. nicely written blog! thanks for sharing 🙂


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