Inheritance series 3 – Brisingr!

First there was the book that started it all – Eragon; then there was Eldest where we met some new people and the Dragon and Rider first tasted battle and the 3rd instalment Brisingr is the coming of age book, not just for the protagonists but also for several other characters in the series.

After travelling back and forth through the landscape of Alagaesia with Eragon and Saphira and being introduced to a zillion other characers this book truly sees the transformation of 15-year old Eragon into the hero the book would have him be. And as such there are fewer magical escapes and bounty granting ceremonies than previously in this one. On the other hand, like the previous books, plenty happens to the characters through Brisingr for which Paolini deserves full points! There are also several subtle but definite changes in the way some of the characters relate to each other … Though I won’t say which!

And yet somehow the story of Brisingr is a lot more simplified. It’s as though Paolini had a few clear objectives of what should happen to the characters and he met them all and ended the story – unlike the previous two books where the stories wore a lot more twisted path and unfolded with much ado – a clear indication that this book was a stepping stone to the final book in the series, Inheritance.

Also if you’d been wondering about that looming sceptre of evil, Galbatorix, a rather well kept and much anticipated secret so far, you are in for something of an un-surprise.

A few other constants in the series were conspicuous only by their absence in this one and we can only assume it’s all going to crash in on us in the last book which I am now moving on to … I’d give the book somewhere around a 3.5\5, hoping for a lot more from Inheritance. See you soon!

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