‘Oh Shit, Not Again!’

Are all the books that come with the Best seller tag, not really worth it?

There’s not much to talk about this book as it was just way beyond disappointment. I don’t want to be rude but some people should just not be allowed to write – especially when perverseness is taken to another level altogether.

Raj moves to Pune from Nasik due to the job transfer his father gets and thus begins the story including Raj and his four friends. Well, I don’t think there is much of a story – because the entire book talked about how aroused Raj got every time he saw a woman – his girlfriend, his friend, his neighbor and his cousin (yuck!). I mean, really?! (Sorry, but I don’t know if there were more women. I just refused to read anymore!)

Though the blurb sounded promising, I had to force myself to just get through it, but I couldn’t even get to the end. I tried to be positive thinking something is going to happen, but I just dint have the patience after the focus moved to his so-called feelings after having kissed his cousin!! Ugh!

I haven’t finished the book and no, I don’t intend to. Is this what best sellers are about?

Do I even care to rate this book? No comments.

(Just what the book title is!)

27 thoughts on “‘Oh Shit, Not Again!’

  1. You know what they say, ‘Sex sells’. Personally I don’t get it, but I guess They’re just not asking my opinion or else books like that would be in my trash bin! lol


    1. Oh, if somebody recommended it I would probably sue them! :p This torture – I fell for the blurb when I was book shopping 😥 It did sound like a lot of fun and did not hint towards the guy’s desperation. 😦


  2. Hahahaha I can understand your disgust… I see so many Indian writers writing in english doling out such mediocre fare these days… but most pathetic are those writers who are obviously looking for a way to make their books popular by peppering their books with sex and titillation.
    But why the horror about cousin-love? people marry their cousins in some parts of India you know 🙂


    1. I wonder what the publishers saw in this book – good Lord! In fact most Indian writers say the same thing in different words – their love story or sex life! Is that how far their imagination goes?!
      Yes, cousins do get married in some parts of India but that’s like something from the past now. I guess that’s something I really despise hence more disgust than horror! 🙂


  3. “the entire book talked about how aroused Raj got every time he saw a woman – his girlfriend, his friend, his neighbor and his cousin (yuck!). I mean, really?! ”

    a) Probably a teen with uncontrolled hormones! But still, haven’t you seen perversity in like a gazillion teen-flicks?

    and b) Cousins do get married. Intra-(extended)-familial relationships may sound perverse, and are not encouraged, but they still do happen.

    Perhaps the reviewer could me more elaborate on WHY the book is bad? Is it the language used? Is it the lack of a plot (barring perverseness)?

    At the end of the day, I could still understand a hormonally-imbalanced guy falling for his cousin, rather than an aimless girl falling for a vampire and having another brainless twit (read-Werewolf), fall for her.


    1. LOL. Your love for vampires 😛

      A teen with uncontrolled hormones – understandable. But WHY would you want your readers to read all that?

      In this case, we are talking about first cousins and not extended familial relationships! (I should have made that part clear in the review – she is his maternal uncle’s daughter).

      As for the book – honestly there isn’t much to review as the focus was on what he felt for every woman. A new chapter was dedicated to his feelings for a new woman. And yes, we do find it in a lot of books these days, but unfortunately this was supposed to be a humorous book (as per the blurb), and the way the book was written – ridiculous. And no, there was no plot – atleast till the half of it.


  4. No, c’mon, tell us how you really feel 😉

    I love a review that doesn’t try to find something nice to say even when there is nothing.

    Although I haven’t read this I agree, we all know hormonal males (of any age! lol) have inappropriate thoughts for every female who crosses their path and we don’t need to waste paper hearing about it.

    The cousin thing sounds like it was just put in there for titillation purposes. We know that in some cultures cousins still marry but there is a reason that is dying out, right? Ick….


    1. I’m still trying to gather all the right words to express my feelings :p

      I still don’t know why he wrote it or why was it published. Though I would really like to meet the guy who approved the story :p


  5. I recently had this experience when I read ‘I too had a Love Story’. Felt like killing myself. Writing is now being look at as a business. Write. Make money. Retire early. That’s how it is now. Even Booker prize winners are turning out to be bummers.


  6. hi…

    i must say you have got a lot of guts!! to be able to be SO honest really needs some substance inside the endo skeleton. i love you for that!!

    i started it but felt to disgusted to even hold it in my hand after a few pages! and no! i have not posted a review. didn’t even bother to!!

    cant agree with you more.



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