How many of you believe in spirits? I have heard of people being able to see spirits and talk to them, but I’m not sure about how true that could be. For instance, my ailing grandfather one day said he could see his father. My grandmother started to weep not because she thought he was losing control over his mind, but she said she was sure that he was going to leave us soon – that was a sign. More like, his father had come to take him. After a few months, my grandfather passed away.

I have also heard – if a spirit is still in our world, it only means they are here to finish some unfinished work. But then nobody knows when they are going to die, and so most dying people would have a lot of unfinished work. So does that mean everybody is still around? 😮

Ashley Dawson had been seeing spirits since a long time and her family and friends had gotten used to it. The spirits would come to her to complete that unfinished work before their demise. Ashley’s connection with the spirits was strong enough to even be able to call out to her dead grandmother – and she would come. Ashley was more of a medium between her mother and grandmother – for their endless conversations.

Sara would visit Ashley only when she wanted to. She would show Ashley visions of a home, making her want to visit the place. For every question Ashley had, Sara said she would know in time. After days of driving around the town, Ashley found the house in her vision and met Sara’s husband – Nathaniel Marshall. Sara wanted him to know that her death wasn’t his fault. Nathaniel refused to believe Ashley and made no effort in hiding his displeasure. Ashley decided she couldn’t do this anymore, to make him go through the pain all over again. But Sara refused to leave.

Nathaniel had his friend do a background check on Ashley and though everything about her sanity was clear, Mike let him know that someone was stalking Ashley. Who they think is just a random fan is killing women by the name Ashley around her. And he is nearing his target. They need to find out who is to stop him. But how are they going to find out who is since he isn’t threatening anybody.

What you see may not be the truth. There could be more to what cannot be seen by the naked eye. Secrets can no longer be kept a secret. Overall, a good read and gets a 4/5.

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