A bride for Tom

What do I say about this one?

When I read the book blurb which told the story of Tom who was shy around women and how Jessica decides to help him iron those out so he can find a bride, truth be told, this was not what I had expected. Possibly, because the blurb said nothing about the book being a period story as opposed to a contemporary romance. Much as I had not expected awkwardness around women to translate into being something of a bumbling idiot.  However, if the aim was to create an atypical romantic hero, the purpose was well-served.

Jessica is engaged to Peter when she meets Tom.Or rather when Tom stumbles into her life; literally. But instead of being nasty like most other people, Jessica feels bad for poor Tom and thinks of helping him get over his awkwardness. Needless to say that first experiment does not go well. So, she says to herself, ‘why don’t I teach this poor boy how to dance?’

An up and coming young man and self assured as he is, Peter is not bothered much by his fiancee’s altruism. But do you think that was a good idea? Or did Jessica use it as an escape route away from a hellish Mother-in-law.

Well, read it and you’ll find out.

I thought the characters weren’t particularly well-rounded and though the book had its moments it wasn’t particularly a great read. be However, it would probably be nice for a Sunday afternoon’s lazy read.

I’d give this one a 2.5.


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