The Da Vinci Code

Jacques Saunière is shot to death at the museum. Before he breath his last, he left behind a cryptic message to be decoded. He also added a message to find Robert Langdon, a professor at Harvard. Cops erase the last bit of the message as they consider Langdon to be the murderer. He is summoned to the murder spot to help decode the message. Just when he is explaining to the cops that the symbol is not a representation of devil workshop,  Saunière’s granddaughter, Sophie Neveu, rushes in to inform him about his arrest. They escape from the museum to their next destination – the Depository Bank of Zurich. The find the keystone.

The man behind it all – the Teacher is on the lookout for the keystone which will lead him to crucial information – Jesus Christ was married to Mary Magdalene and the bearer of His blood. The Holy Grail.

Time is running out. Langdon and Neveu go to meet Sir Leigh Teabing, who has done research and has all the information required on the Holy Grail. He tells them that the Grail being a cup is a false belief, while in reality it is a tomb that contains the bones of Mary Magdalene. Neveu recollects something from the past, about her grandfather. She reveals to Langdon that once when she was paying her grandfather a surprise visit, she witnessed him making love to a woman in the center of a circle of other men and women.

Of course, the Teacher’s plan is to let out secrets which have been safeguarded for years, but who is this Teacher? Is there an existing descendant of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene? What is the last piece of puzzle that Langdon puts together at the end of the book, but refuses to tell anyone – not even Neveu.

A lot of books if you read first, you do not like its movie and vice versa. But I guess this is one book and movie, that did justice both ways. But my favorite will always be the book. I will give it a 5/5. Dan Brown’s done a splendid job as the book makes for an interesting read, leaving you with lots to think about.

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