The Hound of Death

Yes, I know it sounds dramatic. And very strongly reminiscent of another detective fiction writer whose Hounds also became very, very famous.

However, this Agatha Christie novel is not in the same vein at all. For one, it’s a collection of short stories, none of which really involve psychotic killers or real hounds.

I don’t know if you guys have ever felt like you’re in the mood for a particular author but it’s a feeling that grips me quite often. And there’s just something about Agatha Christie’s novels that reminds me of the rainy English countryside, with evil lurking behind closed doors. And of course, when you’re reading an Agatha Christie that isn’t too far off a guess.

The Hound of Death is a compilation of short stories that positively abounds in psychological and psychic experts. However, they’re not all necessarily ghost stories. From SOS calls heard across golf courses to an old woman who hears her dead husband on the airwaves; from stories about intuition to eerie deaths; this book seems to have it all. A light, interesting read on a lazy afternoon, it’s definitely worth a read.

I’ll give this book a 4. You, in the meantime, can pick it up here – Agatha Christie – Hound Of Death

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