I never knew it was You

By the time you reach the middle of the book, quite contrary to the title, you will say “I definitely knew it was you” .

The plot begins with our protagonist Sita bumping into her school friend Anais, at the airport. She wouldn’t have recognized her friend if Anais herself didn’t call out to her. The drastic change in her, overall, was overwhelming. What was surprising and shocking was Anais walking over to a lady who was waiting outside and hands her the cardboard box. The box that contained her son’s remains. The lady acts in an even weirder manner – she hands the box to Sita and walks away saying she has her taxi waiting.

Sita narrates the entire story to her detective aunty, Lalli. During their search for the old woman and Anais, they find the latter’s dead body with a pink nylon rope around her neck. Lalli, goes back to her younger days where an entire family was eliminated in the same manner. She had to find the connection between then and now, to stop the murderer.

Honestly, it’s no big a mystery to connect all of it. You will see it. It’s right in front of you all the time. And so I felt the whole story was unnecessarily dragged with two pages explanation on marmalade and so many other things that are not required.

I would give the book a 2/5.

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