The First War

I feel a little bad for harassing Mel to finish her books so I get to read them. Well, not that bad too. 😛 So when she announced on her blog, that it would be another week for the release of Book Three, I just had to resort to forcing her to send it to me as I couldn’t wait a week. 😀 (Though, I am sure she doesn’t think so!)

Normally as the books in a series progresses, the impact it leaves, reduces. In this case, the books got better as they moved ahead. For all those who read the first two books – you would have questions like what forced Alex to fight against the Chimeras and Dr. Cray? Or how did she even know Dr. Cray, to begin with. All your why-what-when-where-how is answered in The First War, atleast mine was.

The book begins with telling you about how Alex and her sister move into Dr. Cray’s house. Alex failed to understand why she had to dress properly for a dinner where only three of them were present on that enormous table. They dint go to school, but the school was brought to them, at home. After her sister mysteriously vanished one day, Alex confined herself to her room. Over the year, she noticed the servant count reducing drastically and she knew something wasn’t right. She had to look for her sister for she was sure Dr. Cray was up to something, and that led her to the forbidden cellar in the mansion. After what Alex saw there, she ran for her life without turning back and never to return to that house.

Zeke was gone for a year and a sudden attack on the land of the First, bring him and Alex in front of each other, once again. As per the Raju’s instructions, the team of First agrees to work with the humans to destroy their common enemy. In the first two books, Alex and her team seem untrained and weak, which are made up for in Book Three. They are not only trained and well equipped, but have also set up a few centers for planning strategies and hiding. The teams are divided and mixed in order to build their co-ordination and sync amongst each other.  Will seems to be all grown up. His appearance as a sweet boy has changed and he is more in command now, and surely knows what he is doing.

When I read the title of the book, I expected it be just that – The War. But as I read through, I was shocked by everything that they came across. New findings. More information. Solis – a new set of powerful Chimeras, nothing like the ones engineered before. (I wish I could just talk about all of it here!) Just when I thought I knew where the story is headed, Mel throws a new twist.

This one surely gets a 5/5. 😀  Now to think of a way to get her to finish Book Four and send it to me! 😉

(Psstt… she’s giving away the entire series for free on June 30th and July 1st, 2012. Go grab your free copy!)

13 thoughts on “The First War

  1. Admit I skimmed past this as I haven’t read it yet and am just over half way through the second book I promise I will come back and read it properly once I have read it 😉


      1. I am at the point in book two where I wanna lock Zeke and Alex in a room until the get it on with each other I mean talk about sexual tension those two could spark fires lol


      2. Hahaha! I think you need to finish Book Two and get the password to The First Sermo on Mel’s blog and we need to discuss this with her! I am so tempted to tell you so many things but since you are still reading it, I don’t want to spoil it for you! 😉


      3. Give me another day and it will be finished then I shall get the golden key for entry to the secret sanctum then we can gang up on her if neccessary lol


      4. LOL you girls are too funny! (And don’t you think Paula needs to get through Book Three before I give her the password? 😉 Maybe I should delete a few comments first…)


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