Journey to the Black Castle

I read Heidi’s reply to one of the comments she received saying – Demons & Kittens was better than Journey to the Black Castle (though both books are written by her).  Honestly, I was a little hesitant to read this one, especially after I read Demons & Kittens.  But after having read both books, I thought they both had a good storyline.

A group of women are kidnapped and put on a train. Jenny and Angie manage to escape and end up in an old and kind man’s house. From there. they decide to accompany each on the same journey – Journey to the Black Castle. What is so special about this Castle? Within the Black Castle resides the powerful Black Devil – powerful enough to grant a wish to anyone who passes his trials. And Jenny is ready to go through it, even if it costs her, her life.

As the journey begins, they have company. Lily seems to be lost and is trying to find her way back to the Castle. Angie’s sister Aireana was one among the kidnapped but on being asked by the other two, she shrugs it off saying her sister would have probably found her way back and would be safe. Angie chose to avoid topics that she wasn’t keen on discussing. And that left Jenny suspicious about her.

Jenny is married to Ace, 20 years older to her, but they are separated. Angie claims to know more about him through her boyfriend Zero who stays in the Castle. And this doesn’t go down too well with Jenny.

Read the book to find out about different revelations, the trials and the meeting with the Black Devil. Do they both pass the trials? Do they get their wishes granted?  I like the way Heidi created suspicion around every character making me think it must be him… err… or maybe her…!!!  Somebody is lying. But, who?

Though the book is a little slow, it picks up pace once they reach the Black Castle. And sorry but I need to mention this – though there isn’t much of a description given to Zero – I think he is just HOT! (Sorry, but the woman in me had to say it! :P) And the cover image too was just right!

I’d give this one a 3/5.

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