Revolution 2020

Revolution 2020 is a typical Chetan Bhagat book; a light, fun and interesting read. Although it doesn’t have a storyline that will blow you off, it is gripping in its own way. As the book cover rightly reads, Revolution 2020 is the story of ‘Love, Corruption and Ambition’. 

The story is set in the holy city of Varanasi where Gopal, Raghav and Aarti have grown up together. And like most love stories, Gopal falls in love with Aarti. Raghav is intelligent, smart and talented and works his way into IIT. Meanwhile Gopal’s sick father spends his entire life’s savings trying to make him pursue a career similar to Raghav’s, but unfortunately, despite repeated efforts Gopal is unable to make his way into the gates of a reputed institute. To make matters worse, his father passes away, leaving him with no money even to survive.  

It was time for Gopal to turn things in his favour. He promotes corruption, bribes and starts an engineering college with help of a local politician. Raghav on the other hand works hard and gets his dream job as a writer in a reputed journal.He does not approve of Gopal’s methods and wants to start a revolution while Gopal only wants to be rich.

 Gopal chooses corruption to make it big in life and makes sure that his love story with Aarti continues. In today’s world, is working by the system the right thing or is revolution against all wrong, the path to take? Well let’s say you’ll have to read the book to find out for yourself. I will rate the book a 2.5/5.

Ravi Ved, Guest Blogger


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