Palace of Illusions

palaceSomething really strange is going on. Have you ever had the feeling that you just wake up one fine day and start noticing a particular thing that never really seemed like a big deal to you till now? ‘Cause I, it would seem, am waking up to sexism. Now, I’m not blind or stupid so of course I knew it existed. But what I guess I didn’t really realize was how it’s so ingrained in our systems that we barely even notice it anymore! Or at least I didn’t. And suddenly the universe seems full of signs! However, more on that later (I promise the rant will make more sense soon)

Getting on to the booky part of the show… I don’t know how many of you know of or remember ‘Mistress of Spices’ (book/movie) by one Chitra Bannerjee Divakurni. If you’re clueless don’t worry. I hate to say it but you haven’t missed much. In spite of the much publicized Aishwarya Rai starring Holly-Bollywood project it was turned into. The book was, nonetheless, quite a painful read I thought (I suddenly have a deja-vu-y feeling… I’ve whined about this book before somewhere havent I!) Continue reading “Palace of Illusions”


The Fishing Fleet – Husband-hunting in the Raj

OK I’m going to admit this right off the bat and tell you that I am a huuuge history junkie. I’m one of those people who get misty-eyed when they look at old buildings and their heads get flooded with (imaginative, hence, probably inaccurate) images of the people who must have once lived there and […]

Roads to Mussoorie

So here it is – the first post of 2013. And from the stacks and stacks of books I seem to have devoured in the recent time of transit the one I want to talk about first is Ruskin Bond’s Roads to Mussoorie. I’m unsure how many of you would be familiar with the name […]

Stupid Guy Goes to India

Two things that I did not expect when the book came in – 1. A book with illustrations (more like reading a comic) 2. Right-to-left reading. The book is Yukichi Yamamatsu’s real experience of travelling to India, out of his comforts in Japan.¬†Yukichi was unemployed and running short on money when he thought he needs […]

The Mistress of Spices

There are some books that seem to completely capture the public’s imagination. They get turned into movies with big stars and games … the whole hog. And yet, somewhere there are a few befuddled readers (like, yours truly) who’re left wondering why the hell the book was ever written! The Mistress of Spices was one […]