The Odessa File

Nearly twenty years after the end of the second World War, Germany is doing it’s best to forget what happened during the rise of the Third Reich. No one likes to remember the unpleasant past. But that doesn’t mean that the Nazis have disappeared! Still hiding from Western governments pursuing them for war crimes, former SS men are being helped with new identities and new lives by an organization known as ODESSA. ODESSA itself comprises of former SS men now safe with new and untraceable identities and lives. They take it upon themselves to help any former comrade in need.

Peter Miller, a freelance journalist, stumbles upon the diary of a holocaust survivor who has committed suicide. Reading about the sufferings of people incarcerated in one of the many death camps of the SS, Miller goes on a chase that will take him deep in to the ODESSA. Needless to say, he is constantly courting death, thanks to his decision to chase after a former SS man for reasons more than just the diary of a dead holocaust survivor.

Frederick Forsyth’s attention to detail, his meticulous research in the topic, it all shows. Like quite a few of his books, you’re left wondering how much is fact and how much is fiction. That, I suppose, is left to you to decide! Or research! Another great book, not to be missed!

Edrill Da Silva, Guest blogger

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