Tea for two and a piece of cake

As I reached the last word of the book, I couldn’t help myself from thinking that I need a break from Indian writers. Nothing against them, but it seems like I have been biased. Well, I do have one more book for tomorrow and then I am seriously moving on! (Sorry, but I need to finish the books I have stocked up).

Coming back to  Tea for two and a piece of cake – the title doesn’t say much and neither is any light really put on it, except for its mention a few times towards the end of the book! Or did I miss out on its meaning – possible, considering how I had to skip a few pages to just get to the end of the book!

The story is about Nisha who is plain-Jane, plump with no signs of a boyfriend, all at the age of 26! Honestly, does it really matter? Well, looks like it does matter to our dear protagonist. And so she is ecstatic to go out to a client event with her office colleague – Prashant, as she considers it a date!  Unfortunately, she is left to take care of herself while he makes himself comfortable amongst other guests. Nisha happens to meet Samir Sharma, which eventually costs her, her current job. But she is not complaining as she falls in love with him to marry him later.

Eight years into the marriage with two kids – seems like a perfect life, but only to Nisha. Samir calls in one day to say it’s all over and he has found someone else with whom he is moving in. What happened suddenly for it all to come crashing down? She does stand a second chance in love – but does she take that chance?

Preeti Shenoy, the author, does manage to send out a message – do not take anybody for granted and listen to what somebody has to say to you! You cannot take decisions based on assumptions that the outcome “could” be as you want it. It could just turn your life upside down too! I will give the book a 2/5.

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