Carpe Jugulum!

‘Don’tgonearthecastle’! That’s what the sign said anyway. And with good reason, one would say.  There’s trouble brewing in Lancre. Or perhaps, we ought to say it’s rattling in in an emblazoned carriage and occasionally also drifting in over the clouds. But however it may come there’s no doubt it’s on its way and that it’s […]

House of Night 4: Untamed

There is a new presence at the Tulsa House of Night. And I’m not just talking about the new guy at school (yes, there’s yet another one) and the fact that Zoey’s ex, Erik is, (un)fortunately, back too. As if Zoey didn’t have enough to worry about already, what with having next to no family, […]

House of Night book 2: Betrayed

And we’re back! With book two of the House of Night series! All you non-vampire-lovers … I did warn you! Book two is called Betrayed and after the first book, honestly, the betrayer isn’t really a surprise. In fact, through the series dejà vû moments aren’t exactly uncommon. Nonetheless Betrayed has an engaging storyline and […]