Bartimaeus Trilogy – Prequel – Ring of Solomon

Jerusalem, in the year 950 B.C., is ruled by King Solomon who possesses a ring with the power to summon innumerable powerful spirits to do his bidding and destroy his enemies (rather horribly too!). We find Bartimaeus in service of one of Solomon’s magicians, constantly being punished for his insolence and sarcasm, which I suppose, […]

Bartimaeus Trilogy – Ptolmey’s Gate

Set in the backdrop of a crumbling British Empire, Ptolemy’s Gate, the final installment of the Bartimaeus Trilogy, sees the destinies of Bartimaeus, Nathaniel and Kitty intersect once again. Somewhat darker (yet still not lacking in that sarcastic wit of Bartimaeus’ that we’ve come to love so much!) than the earlier two books, Ptolemy’s Gate […]

Bartimaeus Trilogy – The Golem’s Eye

The second book of the Bartimaeus Trilogy, The Golem’s Eye, finds young Nathaniel now a respectable member of the government. A golem (not to be confused with Gollum from the Lord Of The Rings!) is let loose causing destruction and panic all around, and it falls on Nathaniel & the sharp-tongued Bartimaeus (very much to his […]

Bartimaeus Trilogy – The Amulet of Samarkand

Ladies and Gentlemen, as promised … Edrill Da Silva!! *more drumrolls and fanfare mingling with loud applause* Here goes nothing! My first try 😀 The first book of the Bartimaeus Trilogy by Jonathan Stroud, The Amulet of Samarkand tells of a magician’s young apprentice, Nathaniel, who summons a 5000 year old djinn called Bartimaeus to […]

The secret of the Nagas

The second book of the Shiva trilogy is all about the Nagas and if you haven’t yet ventured into Amish Tripathi’s Meluha I’d suggest not being mislead by the name of the book. The story in this one revolves around the mysterious warrior tribe that made frequent appearances in the first book unraveling not just […]