How to dump your boyfriend in the men’s room & other stories!

Before I begin with the review, let me say, I am not anti-men. Else I wouldn’t be married 😀 I guess everyone is allergic to the weird kind of men and women around us. Sibel Hodge is an author of chick lit romances and mysteries. In this book of five short stories, Claire thinks she’s […]

The Handmaid’s Tale

I first met Margaret Atwood in a literature class where her unconventional story, Happy Endings was discussed. Right after then, and perhaps also because of my fascination with the novelties being ushered in literature and criticism, I started to more consciously look after what she has to say about things. While I have been reading […]

The 3 mistakes of my life

Chetan Bhagat receives an email from a stranger who claims to be taking a sleeping pill for every full stop he puts while writing the email. The hunt for that stranger leads our author to Govind, and he makes sure the stranger is provided with the required medical help. As Govind explains the reason for […]

Five Point Someone

I think I just got the order of the books wrong. Five Point Someone is the first book written by Chetan Bhagat. But does it really matter? In this case, no. Apart from 2 States, I think I used to just get myself to read and finish it, instead of enjoying it. Five Point Someone […]