The Mistress of Spices

There are some books that seem to completely capture the public’s imagination. They get turned into movies with big stars and games … the whole hog. And yet, somewhere there are a few befuddled readers (like, yours truly) who’re left wondering why the hell the book was ever written! The Mistress of Spices was one […]

Inheritance series – Eragon

I’ve always had serious respect for fantasy writers. I think it takes something else entirely to create not just people but whole worlds out of your imagination! And the fact that Christopher Paolini wrote this one when he was a mere 16 makes my heart burn with jealousy but also doff my hat in respect. […]

The secret of the Nagas

The second book of the Shiva trilogy is all about the Nagas and if you haven’t yet ventured into Amish Tripathi’s Meluha I’d suggest not being mislead by the name of the book. The story in this one revolves around the mysterious warrior tribe that made frequent appearances in the first book unraveling not just […]

The Immortal story

I think it was a friend’s enthusiastic “yes!” when he spotted the book at our favourite bookstore that first piqued my curiosity about The Immortals of Meluha. And then of course there was the fact that I’d never heard Shiva being described in quite that way! In India we take our Gods seriously and that […]