The five people you meet in heaven


Now this was one book I’d been wanting to read for a while. It was one of those for me that frequently came up in conversations wit ppl going, ‘have you read that one yet?’ So finally I got home a copy and settled into it.

What I found interesting was the unassuming author’s note and Albom contending that this was how he rather hoped Heaven would be. And so was born the story of Eddie’s afterlife. Continue reading “The five people you meet in heaven”

Love, Life and a Polar Bear tattoo

A once blissful marriage that’s sputtering and dying and an iffy result on your pap smear when you’re all alone. How much more heartbreaking could life get? And that’s when your first love enters the scene. The one who broke your heart and walked away; the one who’s still (or more so what with the […]

The 3 mistakes of my life

Chetan Bhagat receives an email from a stranger who claims to be taking a sleeping pill for every full stop he puts while writing the email. The hunt for that stranger leads our author to Govind, and he makes sure the stranger is provided with the required medical help. As Govind explains the reason for […]