In the Garden trilogy: Red Lily

In this, the last book of the In the Garden trilogy the story draws to a close,  for the Harper family as well as Amelia. More violent than ever before, there is something Amelia seeks from the inhabitants of the Harper house. What is it? They’re not exactly sure. But they’re getting closer to the […]


In the Garden trilogy: Black Rose

 A broken and obsessed woman,  Amelia’s lost the beauty she prized so much, her baby as well as most of her mind.  Intent only on getting her child back from where she believes he’s been taken, she is a woman possessed. And yet, she doesn’t have what it takes to find her son… Black Rose is […]

In the Garden trilogy: Blue Dahlia

Imagine a wild-eyed ghost that appears night after night in your baby’s nursery and sings it lullabies while it rocks in a creaky chair. Scared? Not so much? I still remember reading my first Nora Roberts, even though I don’t remember which one it was.  It was a hot summer’s day when I was in […]

The Hound of Death

Yes, I know it sounds dramatic. And very strongly reminiscent of another detective fiction writer whose Hounds also became very, very famous. However, this Agatha Christie novel is not in the same vein at all. For one, it’s a collection of short stories, none of which really involve psychotic killers or real hounds. I don’t […]


Imagine marrying another woman’s husband. Moving into her home that she tended and created, filled with her people, preserved like a sanctuary, as though she’d whirl back in any day … imagine having your very identity obliterated and slowly replaced by hers till all you can see when you look at yourself is her and […]