WWW Wednesdays

Well, today is certainly not a Wednesday. I think. 😐 However, any day is a good to talk about books, right? Right! 😀 So here goes … from http://shouldbereading.wordpress.com/ To play along just answer the three questions below. 1. What are you currently reading?                    I’m currently reading Anne de Courcy’s […]


My Ex-Wife’s Wedding

What if your ex-boyfriend or ex-husband crashed in at your wedding and tried to woo you back? Ha, I don’t even want to imagine. Especially, if you still have feelings for your ex. Holly was putting her past behind and marrying Lyle. Her friends had asked her to think, and re-think her divorce with her […]

How to dump your boyfriend in the men’s room & other stories!

Before I begin with the review, let me say, I am not anti-men. Else I wouldn’t be married 😀 I guess everyone is allergic to the weird kind of men and women around us. Sibel Hodge is an author of chick lit romances and mysteries. In this book of five short stories, Claire thinks she’s […]