A Woman of Substance

Barbara Taylor Bradford’s ‘A Woman of Substance’ is easily one of the most vivid and poignant books I’ve ever read – irrespective of what happens later in the series and how it seems to endlessly drag on after a point. All this, nonetheless, takes away nothing from the story of Emma Harte, the girl from […]

Murder She Wrote 2: Hooray for Homicide

There’s just something about old books. It’s like their crinkled covers and yellowing pages tell a story all their own. I remember even as  a child being absolutely fascinated by the old books my father owned. I’d pull them out of the book shelves and stare at them as if they’d open their mouths and […]

The Godfather

There are times when you attempt a challenge, not because you feel you are worthy enough to succeed but simply because it would be ok even to fail, as long as you’ve at least taken a shot at it. That’s exactly the feeling I get as I attempt to review The Godfather. Whether I am […]