Prince of Ayodhya


It’s taken me a while to pick up Ashok K. Banker’s Prince of Ayodhya, the first book in the Ramayana series. And right from the first page the book drew me in and I could see why the author had managed to capture the imagination of a nation famously obssessed with its myths. Admittedly,  I love these mythology revisited stories; I love drawing parallels in places, events and beliefs replete in Indian history. And I love the ‘ka-ching’ moment when you read about something familiar. Continue reading “Prince of Ayodhya”

The Godfather

There are times when you attempt a challenge, not because you feel you are worthy enough to succeed but simply because it would be ok even to fail, as long as you’ve at least taken a shot at it. That’s exactly the feeling I get as I attempt to review The Godfather. Whether I am […]