Night Watch

tp night watchThe monks who keep time have messed up and for a brief moment the space-time  continuum shattered, dropping two people into a whole different era; one, a cop with a sore case of a midlife crisis and the other, a dangerous criminal. Only, Sam Vimes has been here before. And it’s not a time he’d go back to voluntarily. 

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WWW Wednesdays

Well, today is certainly not a Wednesday. I think. 😐 However, any day is a good to talk about books, right? Right! 😀 So here goes … from To play along just answer the three questions below. 1. What are you currently reading?                    I’m currently reading Anne de Courcy’s […]


(Shuffles sheepishly onto the scene while staying as close to the wings as possible, for safety…) Er..ahem…s0… well, yes, we are indeed still alive  (she addresses her feet) even though we’ve been missing in action for a very very very very very very … ahem … well, you get the point. Well, no excuses, no […]

No Vacancy?

Whether it’s all a brilliant publicity gimmick or there’s some truth to the murky tales regarding JK Rowling that are surfacing, there’s hardly anybody who’s unaware of the release of her new book, Casual Vacancy. And this is one that’s already made the bestseller list. Whether or not its good enough remains to be seen. […]