I’ll Be Seeing You

Meghan Collins, a rookie reporter, is on an assignment in a busy casualty department of a New York hospital when a young mugging victim is brought in. Stripped of her identity, there’s no way to tell who the hapless victim was or where she came from but the sight of her sends a chill through Meghan … the victim looks just like her!

And that’s not all she has to worry about. A few months back Meghan’s father goes missing at the site of a major accident leaving just her and her mother who’s now struggling against bankruptcy.  But now, excruciating months later the cops are claiming there’s no sign of the car in the river; insinuating her father might have engineered his own disappearance to cover his tracks. And with every passing day the news gets worse for Meghan and her mom with her dad’s business seeming to get embroiled in increasingly nefarious happenings. And now, with the appearance of her doppelganger,  it all depends on Meghan to find out the truth … a truth that might force her to question everything she knew about her father.

I liked MHC’s I’ll Be Seeing You, for the simple fact that the story was quite intriguing. The end didn’t turn out to be that much of a surprise but then that didn’t really matter since the story had so much going on.

I’d give this a 4.5.


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