A sight to gladden the heart…

… and boggle the mind!


Now this is what I call a well-spent weekend afternoon! Good food (oh, how I love Italian food!), good company (courtesy, my dear husband) and then a couple of hours digging through what was more a warehouse than a bookstore (again, courtesy the husband). Though, not much of a reader himself he’s quite a good sport about hunting out obscure bookshops for me and then trudging through busy streets to get there and then patiently waiting while I wander, hypnotised, through book laden aisles! What more could I ask for! (Though, I have a sneaking suspicion he won’t readily repeat  the experience any time soon.)


Nonetheless, whatever the cost, it does thrill me to see these indie bookstores hold their own when multi-city chains seem to bow down at the knees.


And a few hours in one of these has turned me a believer … There is such a thing as too much choice! At times I’d find myself staring blankly at a veritable wall of books, slowly thinking ‘why does that name sound so familiar…’

What about you? Do you have any favourite book haunts in your town? I’d love to hear about them!


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