Genetically travel-ified!


Pico Iyer’s Falling Off the Map: Some Lonely Places of The World (Vintage Departures) is  probably one of the best travelogues I have ever read. Perceptive, poignant, funny – Iyer never sounds like a tourist who’s just passing through the country. Like a citizen of the world he

picotalks of places much like a reader talks of a favourite, well thumbed book.

And now this article in the Times talks of how Iyer’s great-grandfather might well have been one of the pioneers of “foreign tourism” in India. Reportedly, many decades before Iyer was even born his grandfather had penned a travelogue for the Indian traveller to Europe; a continent he sustained great risks and even ostracism to visit!

Now if that’s not called a ‘travelling gene’ I don’t know what is!


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