Let Me Call You Sweetheart

sweetheart mhc

A murder is committed and a man’s paying for it with his life. In any criminal justice system in the world, this would be an ideal scenario; justice has been served, victim’s been avenged, society has been paid its dues, victory for all. Perfect.

But then you discover the “victim” wasn’t quite such an innocent and the man behind bars might be the wrong one entirely. Then, what?

It seems to be a strange case of dead woman walking, when Prosecutor Kerry McGrath sees a familiar face in a plastic surgeon’s waiting room … more than once. It becomes even creepier when she realises that they’re all different women … and the face actually belongs to the murder victim of the famous “Sweetheart murder”. Was the doctor recreating a dead woman? And if so, why would he do that?

Following her nose for justice Kerry begins to wonder if all is as seems with the Sweetheart murder. To complicate matters further, the defence counsel who had represented the man now serving time for the murders claims his client was innocent and jumps at the idea of Kerry reopening the case. Only, if Kerry does reopen the case she might stand to ruin her own as well as her boss’s career, lose old friends as well as her daughter.

This, I must say, was one of the better MHC’s I’ve read. It had all the components of a regular thriller and then some. With the bloody finger pointing in so many directions, it actually is difficult to figure out whodunit; the best part being that you and the story arrive at the conclusion at the same time! Definitely a worthwhile read, I’d give it a 5 and suggest you pick up your copy here – Let Me Call You Sweetheart

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