Night Watch

tp night watchThe monks who keep time have messed up and for a brief moment the space-time  continuum shattered, dropping two people into a whole different era; one, a cop with a sore case of a midlife crisis and the other, a dangerous criminal. Only, Sam Vimes has been here before. And it’s not a time he’d go back to voluntarily. 

Ankh Morpork is not the city we know. For one, Vetinari’s velvet glove does not rule here. It is instead ruled by a mad man; one in a series of mad men, rather. The city is a den of political intrigue and law and order has been sacrificed to barely concealed madness. The city watch is not what Vimes has worked so hard to turn it into. What’s worse, the man who taught Vimes to be the copper he became, is dead. If he was, indeed, ever alive.

The future of the Night Watch depends on Sam Vimes. In fact, the present and future of all Ankh Morpork depends on him, in ways he never expected. Only, if he fulfills his duty in this past he might not have a present to go back to because the man in whose shoes he stands was always meant to die.

I loved this Terry Pratchett for so many reasons! Not least, because I’m a huge fan of Sam Vimes and Vetinari and in this book we get to see a different side of both. While Vimes shows up as this canny cop with some serious hero skills, we get to see Vetinari in his pre-patrician days when he was still a young Assassin at the guild. Though, that’s not to say he was not creepily omniscient and brilliant.

If you like your Night Watch books you can’t miss this one. And if you’re looking to pick up a copy here’s where you should head – Night Watch (Discworld) A definite 5.

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