Sittaford Mystery

In sharp contrast to my last review was Agatha Christie – Sittaford Mystery .


It’s become increasingly hard for me to find Agatha Christies I haven’t read. And yet, for me, they are the best kind of murder mysteries. Maybe because of the crispy contrast the spine tingling murders form to the idyllic countrysides she describes. Have I said that before?

Sittaford Mystery is a snowbound murder mystery. A rich man is murdered in a snowbound village with a total population of about 10 people and every one is a suspect. And better yet, almost everybody seems to have motive.

And then step in the amateur sleuths; some sleuthing for headlines and some for personal reasons. There is the usual Christie formula of two random strangers hooking up to solve a mystery with a generous amount of ‘will-they-won’t-they’ romance sprinkled on top. And you have a book replete with village gossips; astute if cantankerous old women; surprise encounters with shady people in the dark and a nice enough ‘human psychology’ ending hinged on a small nail in the dark.

Basically, nothing to complain about if you’re a Christie fan. A 4.

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