Hey, what do you think?

Good morning! 🙂 How are you guys doing today? It’s a beautiful day here. All bright and sunshiny, which is nice, even in the rains (yeah, I know. You’d expect it to be the other way round but I love the rains so the sight of the sun in this season somehow feels like a personal slight) Anyway! Moving on from the weather … there’s a thought we’ve been toying with for a while – or rather I’ve been toying with and badgering Sapna with – was of a non-book review page to be added to the blog. Something like a thoughts cafe. A place where we could talk about things related to authors and even books; a place that’s more than just review-centric maybe? I know a lot of you are aspiring story-tellers yourself (like me) and maybe it would be fun to share your thoughts on your journey? (And maybe someday when you get published we could claim ‘you saw it here first’ rights :P) Or maybe share some gossip about our favourite authors. Or even crib and tell us you think we suck! (Hey, we’re game!)

One way or the other, we thought we’d branch out a bit from just reviews.

What do you guys think?


7 thoughts on “Hey, what do you think?

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