Carpe Jugulum!

‘Don’tgonearthecastle’! That’s what the sign said anyway. And with good reason, one would say. 

There’s trouble brewing in Lancre. Or perhaps, we ought to say it’s rattling in in an emblazoned carriage and occasionally also drifting in over the clouds. But however it may come there’s no doubt it’s on its way and that it’s been invited. And what’s more it’s probably too nasty to have a solution! 

I seem to have skipped a few story-steps in the Discworld for it would appear I missed the Lancre Royal wedding between King Verence and Magrat Garlick, whom Discworld fans will recognise as the third of  the Granny Weatherwax- Nanny Ogg coven (mostly created on her own insistence) and who have had many adventures between them. But this book sees Magrat swap the role of the rather silly young witch with a point to prove for that of (an only slightly silly) Queen and yes, mother and just as importantly a more mature ex-witch (sort of)! It is the naming ceremony of the young princess and things (including her name) are about to go thoroughly wrong.

To begin with, Granny Weatherwax has seemingly not been invited to the ceremony and who have been invited seem to be some sort of New Age “Vampyres” along with their rather proud motto of “Carpe Jugulum” which if they are to be believed is a slight (and very bloody) variation of Carpe Diem.

What’s worse is what with their ambitions of seizing the throats of Lancre and what not, they also seem to be impervious to all those home remedies Van Helsing suggested from garlic to sunshine and one which Van Helsing wasn’t even aware of, namely, Esmeralda Weatherwax … umm, senior. And that’s, by far, the worst. Apart from the fact that she seems to have, for reasons best known to her, departed from Lancre. Which really is the worst.

While Nanny Ogg, Magrat Garlick, Agnes (no less thanks to the lesser known, Perdita) and Reverend Mightily-Praiseworthy-Are-Ye-Who-Exalteth-Om Oats run around trying to well, find Granny Weatherwax as well as try to fight the (slightly misdirected) Vampyres, the only question that remains is, will they succeed? Or will Lancre, home to the greatest witch of the Discworld, fall to the dark ambitions, vanity and blood lust of the vampires?

Replete with Terry Pratchett-ish satirical humour, this one deserves a full 5. 😀 

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