Eye of the Witch

When one woman slits her wrists and commits suicide people think it’s sad. But when three women commit suicide in as many weeks, Detective Carlos of the New Castle PD thinks it’s suspicious. Especially when all three women seemed to have no probable cause for killing themselves.

Retired Detective Anthony Marcella is trying to bury his demons or burn them as it may be, in the the Florida sunshine. Mistakes and slip-ups from his last case still haunted him; mistakes that had cost people their lives. So when he receives a call from his ex-partner Carlos in the middle of the night there are several reasons he finds himself getting on the next flight to New Castle. Not the least of which is Lilith.

As the two old-timers get together, with help from rookie Detective Spinelli, to solve (what they believe are) the triple murders, it becomes increasingly obvious that there are non-human forces at play too. And Tony has a hunch Lilith can help. But what does the witch really know and what is she hiding? Or is it just more hoping on Tony’s part? And what is even more important, what did Karen, suicide victim number 3 and ex-cop know? And is that why she had to die?

But one thing’s for sure. There are far too many players in these murders. But can human beings commit murders without being near the victim? And I don’t mean murder for hire or even some kind of hypnosis theory. There is yet another factor the self-appointed sleuths have to consider. And the ‘why’ still needs to be answered; was it for love or for money?

I can’t deny Dana E. Donovan’s Eye of the Witch was an interesting read. If, when I started reading the book I wondered if there wasn’t something missing from Marcella’s character, it soon got lost in the tempo of the story. There are moments of humour and catchy dialogue and if the characters are missing an indefinable something it doesn’t take away too much from the read. The witchcraft and supernatural elements separate it from a usual whodunit. But at the same time I have to admit I felt like more could have been done with the polishing of the story and what happens at the end is perhaps, a little bit pat. Unless, of course, there’s another part to the series. Nonetheless, a good read.

I’d give the book a 3/5.


6 thoughts on “Eye of the Witch

  1. The ‘retired detectives being pursued by inner demons’ thing is a bit overused, but the murder itself sounds thrilling. It remonds me of Agatha Christie’s Pale Horse, where everyone thought the murder was supernatural, but it turned out the killers were human. I wonder if that’s the case here.
    thank you for the review, Sharmistha(is that your name?) Do visit!


    1. Lol! Yes, it is. I wonder how I gave myself away? 😛 I did visit your blog…believe I left an…ahem…comment there too. 😛

      As far the inner demons are concerned..well, a character’s gotta have conflict. It’s just that the blurb doesn’t always frame it in exactly the same way.

      I’ve read Christie’s Pale Horse. This one, however, is in a slightly different vein. You should check it out.

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