Hellooooooo!! It’s definitely you we’re looking for! :D

The calendar on my TV tells me June’s come to an end. And with that we’ve crossed the six month mark on our self created challenge. Which means we have just another six months to go and oh so many books yet to be discovered and read and celebrated or lamented and so, so many other people across the blogosphere and the world wide web to meet!

Have we said this before? We think we have. However, we can’t say it enough. Thank you so much for reading us and encouraging us with your comments and your awards and your reviews and most specially, your time. Thank you for making this such a great experience. Even though the two of us sit in two different ends of the country this blog keeps us in each others lives like nothing else could. And we often find ourselves talking about you guys like we actually know you and you’re friends we share! And in this post we’d particularly like to thank the Obscured Dreamer aka Cat for sending in this review.

“Cat, among other things is a writer, editor, activist and of course, it goes without saying, an avid reader. In her spare time (like that exists) she is an artist of many forms and runs her own business.”

That’s a whole lot of hats to wear and we can’t believe she finds the time to blog too when to us sometimes just blogging feels like it needs to be a full-time occupation!

Thank you so much for contributing, Cat! We’re one book closer to our goal thanks to you! 😀 😀

A warm Welcome to easyondeyes and much, much love and luck!! ❤ 😀

Watch this space for her review tomorrow, people! 🙂 Happy reading!

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