Change of heart

It is, undeniably, hard to lose a loved one. But sometimes it is just as hard to give up on beliefs we’ve clung to all our lives; to give up on  our ideas of the perfect life. The dilemma facing Marietta could have been that of any woman in the modern world. Would you give up everything you’ve ever known and do something you think is completely out of character for you to take one shot at love?

Battling with the grief of losing her beloved sister, Marietta travels from her home to Chicago to what seems to her to be completely uncivilized territory to fetch her nephew, Zack. But she arrives after a grueling journey into Nebraska only to find out that Zack has absolutely no desire to leave the side of Jason Kent, the man his parents had called their best friend. It isn’t long before Marietta realises that she doesn’t want to leave his side either.

But that is against everything Marietta’s always believed in and more importantly, what her mother always told her. Never let your infatuation with a man rule your life. And look what had happened to her sister who had left everything she knew to follow the man she loved into this godforsaken country only to be murdered by savages! Torn between her feelings and her fears, Marietta must  make up her mind before it’s too late! Will she have the courage to make the choice Jase did?

A light and very quick read, I thought the heroine of Change of Heart to be a slightly more well-developed character than the hero, Jason, who had tendency of being far too simplistic sometimes.

I’d give the book a 3/5.

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