Two Weddings & a Funeral

Sorry, unfortunately the book does not have a cover. Got the ebook over one of those websites. It’s funny when the book opened to something that seemed like the cover – a girl dressed in a green gown standing at the end of a staircase, and the shadow of a man behind her – giving you the idea of crossroads, and a decision to choose the path you think will keep you happy.

(P.S: I just thought a cover-less book is so incomplete. Hence, just an image for representational purpose. )

How cool is it to get married to your childhood love and then live happily ever after? Very cool, I know. But how many such lucky people still exist on this Earth?

Jessica couldn’t have asked for anything more – it was all complete – Lincoln proposed to her. And she waited really long for this special day. The wedding date is set and all the arrangements are on, just as planned. What could go wrong? Predicting what life is going to throw at us next, is just next to impossible. Lincoln is all excited, and on his way to the Church for the wedding. Just as horrible as it sounds – Lincoln meets with an accident and dies on the spot.

It isn’t easy for Jessica. Her family and friends are working really hard to get her to move on with life. When nothing works, her dad thinks she needs to meet a psychiatrist. She needs help. Things slowly begin to change for her. She meets someone who she could fall in love with and maybe live with for the rest of her life. But when he proposes, she isn’t sure. She thinks it is not right as its not been too long since Lincoln’s death. After all that has happened, will Jessica consider the proposal?

Though Arooj Anjum’s book is predictable after a point, it makes for a decent read. I would give it a 3/5.

And somebody, give that book a cover!


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