Demons and Kittens

Pardon our long break from books – just too much happening on the work and home front. But our promise to hit the target is still strong!

And after that long vacation from books, I lay my hands on Demons and Kittens. Quite an innovative title, don’t you think so? That definitely built the curiosity and interest for me.

It’s Striker’s birthday and they are having a huge celebration to mark his twelfth birthday. In Striker’s words – the ceremony is going to make him a man. Just before the ceremony, Striker’s dad had arranged for their meeting with a mystic, to know the boy’s future.

What does the future have in store for him? The prince is going to have a love story- he is going to fall for a yellow cat – one he will cherish till he dies. Well, yes, that had me and his father going – Whaaattt!!! You fall for a cat and marry one too?! Really?! (Ha! And since I got to read the book, no I am not revealing the secret!)

A closer look into his future and the truth was definitely what she had not expected – the prince turning into Lord Zedolin – the Dark Lord of Destruction. Till her last breath, she kept asking the King to not go ahead with the ceremony. Post the event, everything changed. Striker lost his family to his brother’s insecurity and he had to murder him. Striker disappears and to the rest of the world, he was dead too.

The King of Morgan wants to resurrect Lord Zedolin for which Striker’s Cat is going to be sacrificed. Oh, well, not a good idea to mess with the Lord himself, is it?!

Heidi did a great job by giving us views of different characters and though some people might find it confusing, I think I liked it. It’s kinda interesting to know what the other person is thinking rather than to have the story just from the main character’s point of view. What may have not worked for me – the characters kept cutting each other’s’ talks too many times making me say “Oh damn you Striker, let her talk!”

It’s a 3.5/5 for me.  A pleasant change from all the vampires! 😀


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