It’s our very first century!!

We are over the moon!! In fact, we were well on our way to the other end of the galaxy and had to be pulled back to Earth by the Fantastic Four before we burnt to a cinder!

And why ever not! We’re a 100 books old now and thrilled to tiny little bits!! So we thought we’d take this chance to say a tremendous thanks to all of you awesome people; our readers and commenters and followers and of course, award givers.

This would have been no fun AT ALL without you guys. Thanks for making this a dream run for us.

And a very special, heartfelt and rather teary thanks to our wonderful guest contributors. This one’s as much yours as it is ours. Thanks a tonne!!

We’ll be seeing you at the halfway mark. And we know you’ll be there!

Thanks and much love…always!

16 thoughts on “It’s our very first century!!

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