How to dump your boyfriend in the men’s room & other stories!

Before I begin with the review, let me say, I am not anti-men. Else I wouldn’t be married πŸ˜€ I guess everyone is allergic to the weird kind of men and women around us.

Sibel Hodge is an author of chick lit romances and mysteries. In this book of five short stories, Claire thinks she’s hot. Well she thinks so because couple of people have said so and she just agrees with them. At a party, she sits to describe all the kind of weird men around her only to later bump into someone at the entrance who eventually turns into her boyfriend.

Claire can not differentiate between the signs of a loo and always ends up using the men’s loo. And since most men’s loo do not have urinals anymore, it just makes it worse for her. Just one of these times when she was relieving herself, she overhears the conversation of two men, unfortunately one being her boyfriend. They are discussing the women in her boyfriend’s life and she isn’t too happy with what he has to say about her. That explains the title of the book!

The other stories talk about how to have an Org.. … (umm, well is it what you think it is? Is it what I am talking about? :P) , why yoga maybe good for you, but not for your house, kismet and some humorous stuff.

It’s a fun ride from the start to the end, and again, you can maybe let your brains rest while you read this. I’ll give it a 3/5 maybe because a story or two din’t work for me.

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