New prey! hehehehehehehehe

Back in the days when easyondeyes was just a pipe dream and hence, obviously, a favourite topic of conversation between the two of us, we’d sit and endlessly spin spider webs of gossamer threads. However, there was one point that always gave us pause. A hitch in the story, if you please. And it went something like this – while our complicated ambitions included the participation of other human beings in our madcap venture, we were unsure what it would take to lure them in; especially since we were unsure if the blog would even have a third reader. How does a spider attract a prey, you figure?

And so, it’s no surprise really that every time somebody else expresses a desire to write for us we do a little dance (that’s not really for public consumption, sorry).

So as we conclude our dance of madness this time, we’d like to invite Ivan Labayne into our midst, people.

And here’s what Ivan tells us about himself:

“I am a Language and Literature graduate, write poetry when I’m grappling with my sanity and soberness, occasionally desire to fly, and a youth advocate”

We hope you do fly some day, Ivan, on a 2.0 version of the wings of Icarus. πŸ˜€

Welcome to easyondeyes!!


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