Bah, Humbug!

Any takers for a cute story? Oh c’mon, you cannot always read a book that uses your head to figure out what’s going to happen next or who could possibly be the killer.

Bah, Humbug is a romantic comedy. It probably does not have a catchy story line. It is simple and warms your heart. The books talks about Lexi Anderson who is dealing with all the difficult times that life is throwing at her. She maybe financially stable, but she lost her parents at a very early age, only to lose her grandmother a few years after that.

She wanted to have a little family of hers and so she gets married to her boyfriend and has two lovely kids. But her husband thought there was more to life and just left one day. Her kids loved reading Kyle Miller’s books. But little did they know that they had just moved in next to their favorite author’s house. When Lexi and Kyle meet for the first time, it is not a happy one. He decides to behead the snowman that she made for her T.V show. He was just looking around for a place to hide the weapon. The weapon used by the killer in his next book.

What follows next is a round of fun meetings and interactions. And of course, it leads to a happy ending. Oh well, it isn’t some suspense that I would hide the ending. I love such endings.

I would give Heather Horrock’s book a 5/5. Forgot I am a die-hard romantic? I thought it was a light, quick and fun read.


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