In the Garden trilogy: Red Lily

In this, the last book of the In the Garden trilogy the story draws to a close,  for the Harper family as well as Amelia. More violent than ever before, there is something Amelia seeks from the inhabitants of the Harper house. What is it? They’re not exactly sure. But they’re getting closer to the truth. And while the truth isn’t really a surprise considering the way the book’s been written, like I said in the previous posts, full points for visual effect.

This book is also Hayley’s story as she finds her happy ever after; a must have in Nora Roberts’s books. But then what’s a good love story without some love, right? Right. Though, of course, this is one love story Amelia likes even lesser than she liked the rest and that’s going to spike things even sooner than expected.

Who was Amelia? And why does she hate the Harpers so much … apart from what we already know that is; and that too is reason enough. Or does she? What does she want from and can the Harpers give her her due? Read the book and you’ll know.

I give this one a 4.


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