In the Garden trilogy: Black Rose

 A broken and obsessed woman,  Amelia’s lost the beauty she prized so much, her baby as well as most of her mind.  Intent only on getting her child back from where she believes he’s been taken, she is a woman possessed. And yet, she doesn’t have what it takes to find her son…

Black Rose is the story of the lady of the house, Rosalind Harper; the one with the gold digging ex- husband and the reputation of being a “character” in her past.  But Rosalind’s life’s changed in the last few years since Stella and Hayley became a part of it. But still, she will always be the black rose.

And with Amelia back with a vengeance, Roz is determined to find out what connection she had with the Harper family, bringing a new person into her life. Is it going to be third time luck for Roz? And is that why she’s become Amelia’s newest victim? And this time round she means business. As her presence gets stronger in the Harper house, the inhabitants of Harper House know they’re battling a crazy ghost. But what is it she wants? And who really was Amelia if not a member of the Harper family?

I’d give this book a 4/5.

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